The J Raymond Group, Inc.

"Our Clients 1st Choice"

We provide our clients with an innovative approach in marketing and advertising. We enhance the brand image and reputation for our clients through strategic marketing and corporate account management. By focusing our efforts on a direct, relationship-based marketing approach, we are able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased brand recognition. 

With a proven track record of success, we have separated ourselves as a top performer in the industry. Due to our success, as well as our clients' demands, our goal this year is to grow by another 75%.


Expanding Client Portfolio

While each Client has their own goals, our team works one/on/one to take those goals to the next level. By creating open relationships with other companies & customers, each client is able to expand their portfolio more than anticipated. 

Increasing Revenue

Multiple methods are available to increase revenue, however with The J Raymond Group, Inc., we believe to focus on increasing not only the amount of customers, but also increasing the transactions with those customers. 

Customer Service #1

Setting and reaching goals as a company is mandatory. At The J Raymond Group, Inc. we believe it's not just the clients goals that are important, but also the customers goals. Our team believes Customer Service is the #1 goal with each Client we work with. 

"From start to finish, our Client succeeds"

Clients seek out The J Raymond Group when they are focusing on finding cost-effective ways to reach customers and increase their revenue. Our reputation lies in enhancing the customer experience, driving revenue, and creating one/on/one relationships with their customer base which leads to long-term, satisfied customers and increased profitability. 

About The J Raymond Group, Inc.

"Hands on training from Management"

Our team works with many of the nation's leading organizations, enabling them to innovate and expand their business. While accomplishing this, The J Raymond Group has rapidly grown within our industry and securing our nomination as the number one marketing firm in the North East.